The Tucson School of Real Estate is the oldest private/real estate school in the State of Arizona. It was established in the mid 60's by a retired attorney from New York. The school has provided fo the last sixty years quality education for pre-licensing and continuing education courses for the real estate community. At the present time the school is owned and operated by Frank Ferst who is also the lead instructor and has been teaching for the past 35 years. He has been a resident of Tucson for over 50 years , has graduated from the University of Arizona with a BS degree. He also has earned the GRI designation from the National Asssociation of Realtors, and was a candidate for the CCIM designation. His knowledge of the industry allows him to present in a simplistic matter the legal and practical matters relating to the day to day tasks that are encountered by a real estate agent. He is also an Vietnam veteran.

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Low student to teacher ratio. Small classes, less than 12 students in a class. Flexible schedules. You determine when you start the class and when you complete the course. Broker placement available upon completion of the course. Military Discount. Central location for easy access. Tuition assistance available. Schdule of classes: Monday thru Friday day classes 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM. Monday, Wednesday, Friday classes 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM. Weekend classes on Saturday's 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM. You can mix and match the day and evening classes to complete the course sooner. Standard time for the course is six months for completion. Private tutoring is also available in certain cases. Extended computer training is avaiable at no additional costs to the student. Your future is today. Come and join us. No age requirement. No college degree requirement. No boss. You are an indepent contractor. No fixed hours to maintain. You set your own schedule. You have the ability to make an uniimited amount of money with the minimum about of skills. Future savings in commissions on any sales or purchases that you make. You are providing a service to your friends and your community. Many of our students have commented that they wish they had taken the course before selling or buying their home because a lot of information was not clearly explained to them buy their agent.


Cost of the 90 hour course is $500.00 dollars and $100.00 for two professional books for a total of $600.00 dollars. We accept cash, checks, or money ordrers for payment. Partial payments of 50% can be made up front with the balance due in 30 days at no additional costs to the student. An additional six hour contract writing course is also required and it's costs is $50.


Chapters: 1. Introduction to the Real Estate Business 2 . Real Property and the Law 3 Concepts of Home Ownership 4. Agency 5. Real Estate Brokerage 6. Listing Agreements and Buyer Representation 7. Interests in Real Estate 8. Forms of Real Estate Ownership 9. Legal Descriptions 10. Real Estate Taxes and Other Liens 11. Real Estate Contracts 12. Transfer of Title 13. Title Records 14. Real Estate Financing Principles 15. Real Estate Financing Practices 16. Leases & Arizona Landlord Tenant Act 17. Property Management 18. Real Estate Appraisal 19. Land Use and Property Deveopment 20. Fair Housing and Ethical Practices 21. Environmental Issues and the Real Estate Transaction 22. Closing the Real Estate Transaction 23. Appendix: Introduction to Real Estate Investment 24. Appendix: NAR Code of Ethics 25. Glossary Review 26. Arizona Revised Statutues 27. Arizona Rules & Regulations 28. Substantive Policy Articles 29. Math Review 30. School Reivew & Quizes

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This 90 hour course will help the student to understand the basic principles & practices engaged  in the day to day activities of a real estate licensee. The sessions are segragated to be presented in a simple and understanding process together with reivews on each chapter. The state test consists of 180 multiple questions and a passing grade of 75% is required. The costs for the state exam is $75.00 which is administrated by Person Vue a private contractor for the state.
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